The trial run: Maroochy Surf Club

Last night I had my first parma of the festive season at Maroochy Surf Club. Obviously this parma does not qualify for Brisbane's Best Parma because it is not in the Brisbane area and it is not 2015 but it represented a chance to hone my parma reviewing skills that was too good to be missed. For each parma I will write a review using the following basic template.


Chicken Breast: The chicken breast was excellent. It was well crumbed, well cooked and had a large amount of meat actually in the breast.


Tomato Sauce: Again I could not fault the tomato sauce on this parma. It was tasty without being overpowering whilst also being abundant which is a personal preference of mine.


Ham: This is where this parma started to fall down for me. The ham looked and tasted like it had come from a ziplock bag of processed ham from Coles. You know the bags I am talking about: the ones that have the ham pre-cut cut into small pieces. This was a disappointment.


Cheese: Keeping with the theme of disappointment I was also disappointed with the cheese for one simple reason; viz, there just was not enough of it. Enough said.


Side dishes: The chips that came with this parma were spot on. Crispy and not oversalted: top shelf for mine. Similarly the salad was just the right amount to compliment the parma.


Presentation: Unfortunately this parma did not get off to a good start. One of my biggest irritations when it comes to eating a parma is when the chicken breast is lazily placed on top of the chips. Last night's parma was guilty of this.


Size: This parma was middle of the range when it came to size.


The Verdict: All in all the Maroochy Surf Club was a middle of the road parma that you would expect from a busy surf club. It had good points and bad. The bad points were not enough to stop me from having the parma again when I am next at the Surf Club but the good points were not enough to have me chomping at the bit to have it again soon.

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