The Parma Awards: you asked for it and here they are!

I have been talking a lot across the lunch and dinner table as well as online with people wondering how I am going to judge Brisbane’s Best Parma. I posted my rules for judging Brisbane’s Best Parma a couple of days ago. The discussion about the rules has begat this thought: in addition to Brisbane’s Best Parma what other “awards” ought I “hand out” as part of my quest to find Brisbane’s Best Parma?

So, again following consultations with my Parma consiglieres, here the categories for the “Parma Awards”:


The “Robert” Parma: Brisbane’s Best Parma will receive this award because it is simply irresistable.


The “Clive” Parma: The biggest parma found as I eat my way through 50 parmas in 50 weeks will be named after Big Clive. Need I say more?


The “Arnold” Parma: This award will go to the parma for which I have had to undertake the longest drive to get to the venue.


The “Laura” Parma: The worst parma I eat in 2015 will be bestowed with the “Laura” because you would rather eat something dead and wrapped in plastic than eat it again.


With only three days to go till 2015 and the commencement of the quest in sight, the excitement is definitely starting to build!

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