2018: Brisbane’s Best Parma redux!

2015 was the year of the Parma with the Chicken Parmigiana of Brisbane Brewing Company winning the title of Brisbane’s Best. In the two years since, whilst I have not eaten a chicken parma every week, I have still had a number of excellent (and not so excellent) parmas at the pubs around Brisbane and further afield.

With the effluxion of time it has become clear to me that there are many more parmas out there for me to test so in 2018 I will again be searching for and reviewing the chicken parmigiana around Brisbane. I will also be revisiting some of the previous venues I have tested which were both good and bad to see whether their offerings are up to the same standard as the first time.

I am also interested in chicken parmigianas that readers have reviewed. The most regular comments I have received since the completion of the search in 2015 have been, on the one hand, “I went to that place you recommended and …” and, on the other hand, “You really have to try … , it was excellent / rubbish!”. So if you have had a chicken parmigiana and you would like to see you review published you can email it to me (stephen@thatparmaguy.com) and I will post it here.

Readers can also expect to see more reviews of venues around the country and their attempts at chicken parmagianas.

Thank you continuing to read the blog and I look forward to bringing you more reviews and commentary about Brisbane’s Best Parma as the year goes on!

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