And the winner is …

After 50 parmas in 50 weeks and then the parma finals this week the decision as to which parma wins the “Robert” Parma award actually is an easy one.  That is because there has been one chicken parmigiana that has been head and shoulders above the rest and that is the chicken parmigiana at the Brisbane Brewing Company.

 The parma finals only served to confirm this because, and I did not believe they could achieve this, the chicken parmigiana served by the Brisbane Brewing Company in the finals was an improvement on their offering the first time around.  Conversely, the Calamvale Hotel parma had had a change in sauce to a salsa which did not improve it and the Flying Cock was closed on finals day.

So, that announcement having been made, here are the awards arising from the search for Brisbane’s Best Parma:

“Robert” Parma (Brisbane’s Best)Brisbane Brewing Company

“Laura” Parma (Brisbane’s Worst): Everton Park Hotel

“Clive” Parma (Brisbane’s Biggest): The Wickham


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2 Responses to And the winner is …

  1. John Ruscoe says:

    Love your work Humpa


  2. Patrick Simon says:

    Have you ever tried the one’s a the Dugandan pub just near Boonah? One serve feeds my 2 kids and myself.


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