Parma Number 26: The Prince of Wales Hotel (Nundah) … Come for the Parma but stay for the trivia 

The Verdict: I confess that I had limited expectations of the Parma at the Prince of Wales Hotel but I have to say that this was really a very good Parma.  The chips and chicken portions of the meal were excellent.  Unfortunately though this was another Parma let down by its salad!

Parma Pic:


Chicken: An excellent start to this dish, the chicken piece was nicely crumbed and had been perfectly cooked.  It was moist and tasted great! 

Tomato Sauce: Another aspect of the Prince’s chicken Parma that ticked all the boxes was the sauce. An excellent coverage of sauce was complemented by the taste which was spot on. 

Ham: Again, I can not fault the ham in this chicken parmigiana.  It was great! A large piece of ham which covered the chicken piece well and complemented every other part of the dish.

Cheese: Am I broken record? Because again I find myself repeating what I have noted above about this meal: the cheese on this dish was perfect.  In a meal with some very good elements the cheese was the hero: it was abundant, well melted and was spot on it the taste department.

Side Dishes: It is such a shame that this dish had to have a fault because at one point I thought we might have had a new clubhouse leader in the Parma.  However, whilst the chips hit the mark perfectly (they where perfectly cooked), the salad let this Parma down massively.  Whilst well dressed, the Prince’s Parma salad had the look and taste of having not used entirely fresh produce.  This was not a good accompaniment to an otherwise excellent offering! 

Presentation: The size of the plate meant that all elements could not have been seperated on the plate.  Not many chips were found under the chicken but those that were were left a little soft.

The Venue: The Prince of Wales Hotel is just off Sandgate Rd in Nundah.  It is an old school suburban pub with a large bistro, a couple of bars and a pokies room.  Accommodation is available.  Tuesday night is trivia night whilst Wednesday night is “Parmi night” where the dish is costed at $12. Otherwise it will set you back $19 which is pretty good value!

The Final Word: For a very long moment whilst eating this Parma I was pondering whether a much awaited new leader had emerged from the pack in my quest to find Brisbane’s Best Parma.  That moment past when I took my first bite of the salad.  Still this was, overall, a very good dish and one well worth the visit to Nundah! 

Postscript: The Parma Consigliere and I ended up joining in with the free Trivia night that was on offer in the bistro.  It runs from between 7pm and 9pm and they get a pretty good roll up.  Of course it wouldn’t be a trivia night without controversy. Two questions left us bemused with the answers:

  1. In a “pick the brand” segment a packet of Kraft Philedelphia Cream Cheese was flashed on the screen.  The Consigliere immediately wrote the answer of Kraft for the brand however that was marked incorrect.  Apparently “Philedelphia” is the brand according to the quiz company. 
  2. A question asking us to decide whether a weirdly named chap was a “NFL Star” or a rapper revealed that you can be considered an NFL Star if you have played one game off the bench for Cinncinatti Bengals in 2012.  Fair dinkum: by that logic I could be considered an NFL player because I own a New York Jets hat! 

An application for a stewards enquiry is presently being considered! 

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