Junior Parma: The Boatshed … A special guest review

Hello I’m Tom Davis. I am a guest reviewer for Brisbane’s Best Parma.  Tonight my Uncle Steve  has asked me to review the children’s chicken Parma from the Boat Shed Cotton Tree. He has asked me to do this because we both love a Parma but sadly Uncle Steve could not order his favourite meal because it was only on the children’s menu. HA HA HA!!! 

Chicken breast: The chicken breast was succulent. The breast itself was cooked very well and crispy.

Tomato sauce: The sauce on the Parma was really nice and there was just the right amount on it.

Ham: This is the most disappointing part. The reason it is the most disappointing is because there was no ham on the Parma.

Cheese: The cheese on the Parma was nearly the right amount but a little more would have been better.

Side dishes: The chicken parmigiana came with some salad and well cooked chips and maybe the chips would have been better if they had some more flavour.

The venue: The Boat Shed is located on the Maroochy river on The Esplanade Cotton Tree  it is a beautiful location which overlooks the river and there is no bad tables in the boat shed because they all have a view . $7.50 for an o.k. parmigiana. 

The final words: The chicken Parma left me felling a bit disappointed because there was no ham. This is a great venue but if a Parma has no ham it is not a Parma.
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2 Responses to Junior Parma: The Boatshed … A special guest review

  1. Ray McKenzie says:

    A guest reviewer is a great idea. A view from a young persons eye is even better. Well done Tom.


  2. Maree Smith says:

    Sounds like you have another volunteer to do a guest review! Perhaps a “senior’s perspective!!


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