Parma Number 41: The Elephant Hotel

The Verdict: The last time I was at the Elephant Hotel a legend was born when a friend fell asleep in a stall.  Whilst the Elephant Hotel Chicken Parma was pretty good it certainly did not reach such legendary heights.  A lot of the elements of this dish were quite good.  Unfortunately, the chicken piece was a little dry and not well crumbed and the cheese was somewhat lacking.

Parma Pic:


Chicken Piece: The chicken piece on the Elephant Chicken Parma was quite a large piece.  The crumbing of the piece was quite sparse and the chicken piece was a little over cooked which left it a bit dry.

Tomato Sauce:  I really enjoyed this element of this dish.  The sauce was full of flavor, covered the chicken piece well and cut through some of the dryness of the chicken piece.

Ham: Whilst the slice of ham did well to cover a large portion of the chicken piece with this dish it was quite a thin slice and taste wise was largely redundant against such a hearty tomato sauce.

Cheese: Whilst the cheese might not look great in the photo and did not go far enough to cover the chicken piece it actually tasted quite nice.

Side Dishes: I really enjoyed both the chips and salad on the Elephant Hotel Parma.  The salad was a coleslaw that was quite tasty and a very large portion.  The chips were well cooked, well seasoned and tasted great.

Presentation: Given the size of the chicken piece it was always going to be difficult for all of this food to fit easily even on a largish sized plate.  The plate though at the Elephant Hotel was a standard size and thus the chicken piece ended up covering the bulk of the chips.

The Venue: The Elephant Hotel is on Wickham Street in Fortitude Valley.  I remember it from many years ago as a classic Valley pub with great live music.  It has gone through a large renovation since the last time I went there and now possesses a large outside eating area.  TAB and bottle shop facilities are available.  My Parma cost $21.

The Final Word: As I said in the preamble, this was actually a pretty good chicken parma.  A lot of the elements were really quite good however the dryness of the chicken piece and the thinness of the ham where real negatives.

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