Parma Number 29: Broncos Leagues Club … Bye week 

Off the back of a couple of recommendations, the Parma Consigliere and I headed to the Broncos Leagues Club for this week’s Parma review.

Unfortunately the chicken parmigiana is no longer on the menu at the Broncos.  It does appear as a special I was informed by the cafe staff however I am unable to advise of which night the special is available.  

That means no review and the Broncos League Club will be left off the Parma Ladder. 

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1 Response to Parma Number 29: Broncos Leagues Club … Bye week 

  1. Ray McKenzie says:

    Went to Aspley Hornets for Dinner on Tuesday night. Noted that Chicken Parmigiana is still on the menu there. Found most of the food that I have had there, including the 2-4-1 specials on Tuesdays, have been good.


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