The Parma Calendar: May

Here is the schedule for this month of reviews of Chicken Parmigiana:

Parma Calendar: May

Parma Calendar: May

Last month the RE Hotel’s Parma fell off the Calendar.  It will come back at a later point in the year.

Each of these venues has been recommended by a reader of this blog.  I would like to get to as many of your recommendations as possible.  Please comment in this post, on Facebook or shoot me an email with your suggestions and I will make sure I make it to those venues!

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2 Responses to The Parma Calendar: May

  1. rstrand says:

    Hey i had a decent parma last week – Maybe want to try ‘the milk factory’ – used to be the Joynt – on Montague in South Brisbane (across from Pauls milk processing plant). Just make sure they don’t forget the ham :/ Mine didn’t have ham, my mates’ did. It was still good tho.


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