Secret Santa is on board: what about you?

It has been an amazing day: the search for Brisbane’s best Parma has not even started yet but the support for this quest has been nothing short of brilliant.
 Discussions with family, friends and colleagues have all be a mix of passionate and whimsical as well as overwhelmingly supportive and positive.
 Today even secret Santa came to the party with my present being the first bit of “merch” for Brisbane’s Best Parma as shown in the photo below.

 Watch this blog for more information including the rules of the search and my current list of venues. Or follow the conversation at @brisbestparma.

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1 Response to Secret Santa is on board: what about you?

  1. shumpty77 says:

    Reblogged this on Shumpty Speaks and commented:

    Best secret Santa present ever! Just a balding man wearing a t-shirt ha ha ha!!!!


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